” Being Unique is better than being perfect “

Fusion Street, a venture of SDV Films productions house was instituted by Rahul Tanwar in 2017. Rahul’s vision was to take music to somewhat different level by bringing some uniqueness in it, resulting the inception of Fusion Street

As the word fusion itself describes bringing/joining two or more things together and yes, we have done the same thing by bringing 3 established bands of Mumbai and Gujarat together to form under the one head i.e. fusion streets.

The name Fusion Street does not only depict collaboration but the uniqueness which we carry in our music/songs.

Our team of creative minds are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to get the best shot in a unique way. With the potential to make ourselves noticed and beloved by the audience, we intend to be heard through our uniqueness of voice, music and vibrancy which are true representation of musical cultures.

” Coming together is a beginning, Keeping together is progress, Working together is success “

Henry Ford

To do something great, we need a good teamwork and coordination as well to bring that plan into implementation. The Fusion Street is very challenging and easily connects to the audience. And yes, our band is blessed to have such a good team who is already unique in their own way. Every member of the band is unique in his/her way offering a complete  package of classical, western, pop, jazz, rock, playback from singer to the composer; the writer to the director; programmer to the performer; lyricist, arranger, etc.

” The secret of Getting ahead is Getting Started “

We are new in this demanding Industry, but we have a complete team of experienced people in Fusion Street who have already established their credibility within and outside India and still hungry to succeed and give the audience everlasting and enjoyable memories through music and singing. We are new and shall bring new flavour!

” The Journey of a thousand miles begins with one step “

We, Fusion Street Band are willing to throw ourselves into the demanding yet exciting world of music and with your support and encouragement we are poised to taste Successes in our Journey!